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the_mamarazzi's Journal

For the well-focused mama.
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This is a journal for mamas who are pushing themselves to be better, more complete, more artful photographers. It's primarily for those of us who attempt to make some sort of living via our photography, but any woman who wants to create more than just snapshots is welcome to join.

Topics range the gamut from marketing ideas to help generate business, to weekly or monthly photo challenges and assignments to help us push our own limits as photographers. The atmosphere here is one of support and camraderie; after all, it's a lot of hard work to try to nurture both an art and a business when your kids are sucking you dry!

Right now, we'll leave the community to self-mod; you all decide what you want and need from it and from each other.

Anyway- get out there, mamas! Keep shooting, keep posting, and keep stretching the limits of your equipment and your eye!